Your Retiree Benefit Plan provides a broad range of important health care coverage.

Hospital, Surgical and Medical (HSM) Expense Benefits

These include health care services that are not covered by your provincial health care coverage. The plan also provides you with out-of-province medical coverage to cover travel emergencies.

Prescription Drug Expense Benefits

This benefit helps pay for a broad range of prescription drugs. It is subject to certain limitations and exclusions, though, that you need to be aware of.

Dental Expense Benefits

Your dental benefits help you pay for the cost of dental services and supplies.

The plan covers routine treatment as well as major restorative dental care, dentures and related services.

Benefits Card

Vision Expense Benefits

Your plan reimburses some or all of the cost of a vision exam, as well as contributes toward the cost of eyeglasses, contact lenses or laser eye surgery.

Hearing Aid Expense Benefits

The plan provides coverage for hearing aids and related services.

Extended Health Services Benefits

Your plan covers a broad range of extended health services including para-medical services and treatments (chiropractic services, for example, and other health related services that are not provided by a physician), in-home nursing and support services, psychological services, speech therapy services, prosthetic appliances, medical equipment, nutritional supplements in limited circumstances, ambulance services and PSA testing.